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Garage Door Replacement and Installation

Posted by Brad Way on Wed, Aug 17, 2011 @ 19:08 PM

Home Remodeling Project Updates (8/19/2011) Part 1

Garage Remodel / Door Replacement

This week, Steve Way Builders, LLC took on the task of replacing a garage door in Mason, Michigan. The original garage had an 8' wide X 7' tall door that was simply too small. The homeowners contacted Steve Way Builders to replace the door with a 10' wide X 7' tall door with cascade style windows in the top panel.

The garage had to be slightly remodeled in order to install the new door. First, the aluminum siding had to be removed from the ground level to above the top of the header so the opening could be increased to make room for door. A 2" X 12" header was installed to support the span opening, and  2" X 6" 's were installed for the completion of the door jambs. Once the door was installed on its tracks and the automatic opener re-installed, coil stock was used to trim the exterior face of the door jambs to achieve a nice finished appearance without painting the trim. Concrete patching was needed to fill the side sections of the larger garage opening, completing the door replacement for this remodeled garage.

Garage Door Remodeling          Replacing Garage Doors

A difference can easily be seen by comparing the before and after pictures above.

A testimonial written by the homeowner can be viewed by clicking here.

Be sure to check back tomorrow for Part 2 of this weeks "Home Remodeling Project Updates." Until then, do you have any questions or comments regarding this remodeling project? Please ask in the comments section below.


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