Steve Way Builders, LLC - Custom Work Bench and Interior Base Trim

Basement Staircase MouldingStair case Base Trim

Steve Way Builders, LLC was contracted by the owner's of this home in Grand Ledge, Michigan to finish the trim work in the basement, as well as build a custom work bench in the main room.

The homeowner replaced the carpet, and asked Steve Way Builders, LLC to complete the remaining trim work in the basement. The base trim that was installed was 3 1/4" inch colonial pine. The base moulding was stained and received a clear coat wood finish to match the original trim. All basement walls received moulding, as well as the basement stair case and pillars in the main room.

Also included in this home renovation project was the creation of a custom built work bench. A previous work bench once occupied the area, but had already been torn out, leaving the wall with cuts and holes which need to be dealt with. The new bench was built with 3/4 inch birch plywood and furring strips.The basement needed renovations due to water damage from a sump pump failure.

Basement Trim Moulding          Base Trim Installation

Base Trim and Custom Work Bench          Custom Built Work Bench


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