Bathroom Remodeling - Installing an Acrylic Shower and Tub Enclosure


Acrylic Shower RemodelSteve Way Builders, LLC was contacted after the homeowners' of this Lansing home noticed water damage on the basement ceiling. Upon further investigation, the shower was leaking from the shower water valves.

The water damage was fairly extensive within the bathroom. The ceramic tile shower walls were starting to crumble apart, and eventual broke when the shower valves were removed. The paint on the old steel tub was also chipping away. The plaster around the tub was also showing signs of water damage. The solution was to start from scratch and replace the tub with a brand new acrylic tub and shower.

The ceramic tile walls, plaster, and steel tub was removed to show bare studs in preparation for the new shower unit. To provide easy access to the new shower plumbing, an access panel was cut into the adjacent linen closet. Before installing the shower, the exposed walls were insulated to help isolate and reduce noise in the bathroom.

The shower and tub was delivered in three parts. It was assembled within the bathroom and then slid into place. With the shower and tub in place, the plumbing was installed and connected, and drywall was hung and finished. The shower features Moen fixtures and a Basco tempered glass sliding door.

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Removing Steel Tub for Remodel


Bathroom Shower Remodel

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