Achievements, Awards, Certificates and Community Involvement

Throughout the 37 years of ownership, Steve Way has accumulated many achievements and certificates ranging from liscensing and training courses to remodelers council chairman. The hard work and dedication is seen within the community as well as in the office. Steve Way Builders, LLC is also active in providing for a better local community and school district by providing sponsorships and building services.

Organization Achievements/Awards

GLHBA Membersip        Remodelers Council Chairman        Spike Club Award

Steve Way Builders, LLC have been involved with the National, Michigan, and Greater Lansing Home Builders Association and the Remodelers Council since 1986. In that time, Steve has sponsored several companies and individuals into the association, 38 in total, and has received the Life Spike Award from the GLHBA for sponsoring a minimum of 25 people into the association. With the membership, Steve Way Builders, LLC have stayed up to date on certifications and training seminars that are hosted by the Home Builders Association.

Steve has also been actively involved within the association. He served on the board of trustees for a total of 6 years. He also was Chairman for the Remodeler's Council for 2 years, and served as Vice Chairman for 1 year. Steve was the Alternate Director for the Michigan Home Builders Association and was also serving on the Board of Directors for the Greater Lansing Home Builders Association during his time in the organization.

Community Involvement/Services

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