Kitchen Remodeling and Renovations Photo Gallery

Kitchen Remodeling EstimatesLooking for a kitchen remodeling contractor in Lansing, MI to transform your outdated kitchen by providing you with brand new kitchen cabinets? Or perhaps you need more natural lighting by replacing those clouded windows. Steve Way Builders, LLC is the building remodeling specialist serving the Lansing area and can provide you with 35 years of remodeling contractor experience.

So open up that kitchen and give your home the new cabinets and counter tops that it deserves. There is no reason to be cluttered for kitchen space. Steve Way Builders, LCC - The Remodeling Specialist can provide you with the kitchen renovation that you have hoped and dreamed of for years.

Below are photos of various kitchen remodels that Steve Way Builders, LLC have completed in the Lansing area. Browse each kitchen remodeling project profile, and be sure to get your free kitchen remodeling estimate from the Lansing Remodeling Specialist.

Kitchen Remodel /  Addition

Home Kitchen Addition Remodeling

Kitchen / Dining Room Remodel

Kitchen and Dining Room Remodel

Kitchen w / Island Remodel

Kitchen Island Remodeling

Complete Kitchen Renovation

Kitchen Cabinets Home Remodeling

Re-Designed Kitchen Area

Kitchen Remodeling Newly Designed

Kitchen / Dining Room Addition

Remodeled Kitchen and Dining Room Addition