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Chimney Water Damage Repairs from Bad Roof Flashing

Posted by Brad Way on Tue, Nov 29, 2011 @ 10:11 AM

Home Remodeling Project Updates (11/29/2011)

Chimney Water Damage Repairs

Rotted Chimney Floor Joist FramingEver wonder what years of water build-up on untreated wood will do? The answer is simple: Lots and lots of rotten wood!

Steve Way Builders, LLC was recently contracted by the homeowners of this Lansing, Michigan home to investigate the source of some water damage showing on some drywall within the home. Upon further investigation, the source of the water problem was unmistakable. For roughly 20 or more years, water was running within the wall of the chimney due to improper roof flashing.

To fix the flashing and water damage problem, Steve Way Builders, LLC needed to re-flash the chimney and fix any wood that has been damaged. After removing the vinyl siding and sheathing on the chimney wall, the water damage was extensive. The sheathing was completely rotted away, as was one of the 16' wall studs in the chimney wall. Also badly rotted was the floor joist and subfloor system of the cantilevered chimney base.

Water Damaged Chimney1          Chimney Wall Water Damage

After the rotted wood was removed, new joists were "sistered" in to the original floor system and a new stud was installed to finish the chimney wall framing. New insulation was installed in the chimney to replace the original water logged insulation. The new chimney wall was sheathed with plywood and covered with Tyvek HomeWrap to help prevent moisture from entering the chimney wall.

Repaired Water Damaged ChimneyWith the chimney framing fixed, Steve Way Builders, LLC removed roof shingles to fix the flashing surrounding the chimney. Aluminum coil stock was custom bent to create multiple flashing pieces for the chimney. After fixing the chimney flashing, the shingles and vinyl siding that were removed earlier were re-installed, completing the chimney repair.

As seen in this home, poor roof flashing can cause major problems within a home. The best way to prevent water damage is to have the job completed correctly the first time around. Unfortunately this is not always the case. When you find yourself with a water leak, fix the problem as soon as possible to prevent mold build-up and to keep the costs to fix the problem as inexpensive as possible.

What other suggestions to do have regarding water damage and roof flashing? Have you found yourself in a similar situation?

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